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At the Foot and Ankle Center we specialize in all your Foot and Ankle Needs. We are trained in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the foot and ankle. We take a personalized treatment approach to each patient. We always approach each patient as an individual and tailor the treatment to their specific needs. We offer both conservative and surgical treatment for each condition. In addition, we offer many homeopathic treatment options.

Sterile Pedicures
In the past there have been segments on ABC’s 2020 there was a segment about the cleanliness at nail salons. The segment discussed how there is a high rate of infections at nail salons. I would like to discuss on this week’s blog about sterile pedicures and their advantage.
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Foot & Toenail Treatments
Antifungal treatment. Nails are prepared for increased penetration of a prescription strength fungicidal solution and sealed with an antifungal clear coat. Deep moisture. Exfoliate and repair dry callused feet with a medical grade callus reducer, warm paraffi n, and a therapeutic moisturizer.
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Keryflex Nail Restoration
Restore the appearance of toenails affected by fungus or trauma with a natural looking nail. Small Toenails. Large Toenails. Fill-ins.
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Sciton Laser For Fungal Nails
Series of 4 recommended. K-laser For Pain Series of 10 recommended.
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