Peripheral Neuropathy

Alternative Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy Peripheral neuropathy is when the feeling/sensation to the feet decrease to a point where there is numbness, tingling and burning. This becomes a dangerous problem if a patient can’t feel their feet and they get a cut or sore. Without being able to feel the injury, it becomes difficult to treat it and this can many times lead to infection, gangrene and amputation. Many diabetics suffer from this condition, but more recently I have seen people without diabetes suffer from similar symptoms

It is important to find the cause of these symptoms and attempt to treat the cause. If treating the cause doesn’t help with the symptoms, then this condition can be treated with medication. Traditionally there have been strong prescription medications that have been used to reduce the symptoms. These medications have many negative side effects, which cause can noncompliance issues. In addition, many patients who need these medications will be on many other prescription medications and there is hesitation about adding “another medication” to one’s regime.

Therefore, we have an alternative treatment option that is all natural, has no reported side effects and doesn’t interact with other medications. In our office we dispensed a Vitamin Supplement called NeuRx-TF. It is a vitamin supplement consisting of 4 different vitamins, which are Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Benfotiamine (or Vitamin B1), Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. This specific vitamin, NeuRx-TF, is different than any over the counter equivalents. Many patients will purchase an over the counter Vitamin B12 complex and have minimal changes in their symptoms. It is the exact formulary of this vitamin that helps with neuropathy.

The most important aspect of this vitamin is that the ingredients are fat-soluble. It is the fat-solubility of this vitamin that allows it to be absorbed and metabolized in the body. It is this property that allows blockage of the pathways that destroy the nerves, which entail cause neuropathy. The Vitamin B6 and B12 component of this vitamin can help reduce clotting of the circulatory system and prevent plaque from forming in the small tiny arteries to the feet.

In conclusion, there are alternatives ways to treat neuropathic symptoms. Many patients suffer way to long before coming to seek treatment. I always tell my patients that earlier you seek treatment for neuropathy the better your outcome will be.